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Crowd-Kit is a powerful Python library that implements commonly-used aggregation methods for crowdsourced annotation and offers the relevant metrics and datasets. We strive to implement functionality that simplifies working with crowdsourced data.


Currently, Crowd-Kit contains:

  • implementations of commonly-used aggregation methods for categorical, pairwise, textual, and segmentation responses;
  • implementations of deep learning from crowds methods and advanced aggregation algorithms in PyTorch;
  • metrics of uncertainty, consistency, and agreement with aggregate;
  • loaders for popular crowdsourced datasets.


To install Crowd-Kit, run the following command: pip install crowd-kit. If you also want to use the learning subpackage, type pip install crowd-kit[learning].

Getting Started

Crowd-Kit's API resembles the one of scikit-learn. We recommend checking out our examples at


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